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ไม้ปิงปองเปล่า ยี่ห่อ andro CSV OFF+ FL,ST

วันที่ 25 มี.ค. 2562

ราคา970.00 ฿
Speed 94   Control 95   Rigidity 97 
andro CS V OFF+ is a spirited offensiveblade that is ideal for modernoffensive playing style due to its huge speed reserves. It allows to startsudden and aggressive offensive actions and enables you to enforce speed wheneveryou want to. Limba and Ayous as intermediate and outer plies areresponsible for certain stability supporting variable topspin styles.Highly dynamic while enjoying best ball control and a huge load of fun!
Perfect weight balance for easy handling
5 selected high quality plywoods for a convincing mixture of speed and control
Amazing feeling supported by neat workmanship

saiyokmaneekanwittaya school


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