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ไม้ปิงปองเปล่า ยี่ห่อ andro CORE 7 OFF+

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Far before synthetic fibers in the construction of high-quality table tennis blades found use for the first time,7- ply blades have already been the absolute classics. Many players today also know about the qualities of a 7- ply blade that is made of 100% wood:
a pleasantly direct, not to hard impact and a high ball bounce, which forms a perfect base for a forceful topspin.
Five Ayous layers and two Limba outer veneers provide the framework of andro Core 7 OFF +.
Compared to andro Core 7 OFF it has a thicker veneer construction and therefore generates more speed.
The good processing and the fine balance of the wood guarantee good ball feeling.
andro Core 7 OFF + – the 7-play offensive blade with great speed reserves

saiyokmaneekanwittaya school


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